Repeatable sequence of steps

Save Time with Sequence of Steps

Store a sequence of steps and activate them on the real-time dashboard on a periodic basis or whenever necessary.

flight preparation steps

Steps to-do for “flight preparation”

Example of using sequence of steps: When privet jet brokers book a flight, they have to complete a series of steps for the flight preparations. This comprises ensuring that:

  1. Catering service is in order;
  2. Limo is provided;
  3. Papers regarding the flight crew are in order; etc.

The same sequence is repeated each time a private jet is booked. With iFollow, the broker only needs to set this sequence once and simply activate it each time when booking a jet.

Sequence of Tax Reports

Steps to prepare quarterly tax report

Another task sequence example: An accountant has to prepare tax reports on a quarterly basis for each of their clients. To meet the payment deadlines, the following steps should be performed:

  1. Receive invoices and receipts from the client 15 days prior to the tax payment;
  2. Prepare the tax report 5 days before the tax payment;
  3. Pay the taxes at least 1 day before the due date.

With iFollow you can easily create this sequence of steps, and activate it on the real-time timeline as a repeated sequence on a quarterly basis.