See your operations in a glance

Real-Time Operations Visibility

Use your real-time dashboard to stay up-to-date on all your projects and initiatives. View scheduled assignments, current statuses, assigned individuals/groups, and more.


See the situation in a glance: see status of tasks in colors

Color-Coded Statuses

No need to read a mountain of text; with one quick look at your dashboard, you can instantly see the status of individual operations. For more details, use filters to search for a selected status, employee, or team.

Organize business operations in tracks and follow it easily

Create Custom Tracks & Processes

Define and organize tracks and processes for an event, operation, product, client, or team. Expand and collapse the tracks to view the ones you want to follow.

Navigate through time with a single click

One-Click Time Navigation

Click on the day, month, quarter, or year to instantly view all tasks assigned for a specified period of time.