Define threshold value

Know Your Numbers

Track numbers such as financial values, sales, and environmental parameters. Define the values in a created assignment and iFollow will send alerts via email if the numbers are not compliant. Non-compliant numbers are also highlighted on your real-time dashboard.

Early Warning Signals

Be Proactive: Define Early Warning Signals (EWS)

Receive email alerts when the numbers you track are close to critical value. Simply enter the value in the EWS field to receive instant alerts that allow you to take action.


Example for control of environmental parameter

Your employees take samples of the pH value and pollution concentration in water in different locations on a periodic basis. They enter the values in the system either through their phone or over the web from any location.

loan portfolio

Example for ensuring compliance of loan portfolio

When lending money, the borrower is often required to maintain predetermined financial ratios. The manager simply needs to enter those values in iFollow. If the value exceeds the defined value (i.e. there is a breach), the manager will instantly receive an email alert allowing him to take action. To enable the option of being alerted about a ratio close to its breach value, just enter your defined value as Early Warning Signal (EWS).