Interact With System Through Emails

Instant employee adoption

Users interact with the system by email. The system is fed by information received from employees or clients. Since email is already used in most workplaces, this guarantees instant adoption of the system.

Update Status Using Email

Updating status

To indicate that the assignment (operation) is completed, employees or clients just reply to their email alert by typing  “done” or “completed”. It instantly updates the status in the real-time dashboard: the dot indicating the assignment will turn green and the manager will see that it is completed.

Entering Comments

Entering comments

Employees can enter comments for assignments using their email. The entered text will be attached to a specific assignment. This allows easy updating from any location. In addition, other team-members can get alerts about entered comments into the system.


This allows a full interaction within the team.

Entering Value

Remote input of values

People (employees or your clients) from remote locations can use their mobile devices or Internet to enter the correct value and feed the system by email.