Task history: track all task related activities

View all task related information in one place in a chronological order


iFollow improved the user interface of the History screen providing visibility of all task activities: deadline, delegated people, status, comments, attachments. Simply click on History and see everything in a glance. You don’t need to go back and forth through several screens to find the information related to the task: it’s all on one place.

What you can see in History screen?


Get real-time visibility and traceability of every task/project, follow how things are really going and make the right decision.

  • History allows managers instantly to see
  • Task deadline
  • Task status

Every activity related to the task. For example, you can see date and time and by whom the task has been:

  • Created
  • Modified
  • Commented
  • Commented and file is attached
  • Completed
  • Deadline and who is delegated to it.


What you can do in History screen?

You can filter tasks, export files and edit tasks.

iFollow History screen allows to filter the information based on:

  • People assigned to the task (e.g. see all tasks for only one employee)
  • Status of the task (e.g. see the history for only past due task)
  • For one track (e.g. track can be connected with one project).

You can collapse of expand the list of History for the given task and view only the information you need.


Export all task related date to Microsoft Excel /CSV.

You can get the reports for:

  • All tasks and tracks
  • Selected tasks and projects
  • Tasks of a specific team or employee,
  • Etc.


Easily edit the task in History screen.

IFollow allows you to access your task from both from History and Dashboard



History screen helps you to save your time, get quick and easy situation awareness about the tasks and projects of your company.

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