Improved task management with enhanced design for breach

To enhance the task management productivity we have done design improvements based on results of usability tests.


Situation: For some operations the managers need to be proactive. They need to ensure that the data entered in the system by their team is compliant with the required data and want to get an instant alert if there is a breach or out

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of order situation.


For example, you may have to ensure that:


  • Financial ratios for money lending are compliant with the defined values (for example, that the debt service coverage is over 4).
  • Your employees process not less than the pre-defined number of agreements per week or per month.
  • The drinking water pH level is within the range 6.5 – 8.5.
  • Any values measured and entered in the system by the team of your inspectors are within the pre-defined range of values.
  • The amount of delivered products is compliant with expected amount.
  • Amount of available employees for the given period of time is compliant with the amount needed to complete the job.
  • Etc.

When you create a task in iFollow dashboard, in the same window you just need to enter the value or values with which you want to be compliant. It could be:

  • Threshold value (critical value that cannot be crossed, called in iFollow “Breach value”) and Early Warning Signal (value is becoming closer to the threshold value)
  • Range of values which needs to be respected.


In the previous design, users could define the Breach and Range values only in the screen “Sequence of Steps”.


Improvement after usability test: Now you can do it directly in the “Add Assignment” screen by clicking on “Add Breach” or “Add range” and entering the values in the fields. You can also easily edit the value in the “Edit Assignment” screen.

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