Task management with iFollow: track your business operations

Every day you need to be aware of the situation of your business and ensure that nothing will fall between the crack.


Task management with iFollow will allow you to track all your operations: with your team, your clients, etc. You can:


  • Have a real time overview: see in a glance what is done, what is not done and what needs to be done.
  • Get instant alerts if something is not done or is not done correctly.
  • Have share workspace for groups who work together: who can share all information in one place and collaborate.
  • Track everything in real-time
  • Create tracks in real-time dashboard and organize it as you wish. It could be track for a project, for a specific event, for sales, etc.
  • See all information for one task at one place.
  • Get flexibility to update information about the tasks from any location.


Track numbers with iFollow

You want to track certain numbers

(e.g. number of deliveries, sales amount, any environmental measurements, etc.)?


It is easy to define with iFollow: define your numbers directly in the task to be done and get alerts when the entry numbers is exceeded. Example of it could be:

  • Your employee should enter
  • Number of delivered products
  • Current ratios of financial statements of clients
  • Number of processed files
  • Etc.


Repeated Sequence of tasks

Do you have operations that consist of many tasks and should be repeated in timely bases?


All you need to do in iFollow is to create those steps one after another and keep as a template. In the template you can assign tasks to people, define the order of assignment, add reminders, enter notes.


When needed, you can activate this sequence of steps with a single click. You can activate it on timely bases as well: e.g. every month, quarter, etc.

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