Task management software iFollow being used by V1 Private Jets

After booking the private jet for the client, brokers have to execute a series of steps to provide the required security and services. For example:

Different people are responsible for each of those steps. Any missed step can cost the company money and can lead to a loss of clientele, resulting in significant financial losses. The cost of missed steps per year could reach 150.000$.


V1 Private Jets (http://www.jetcharter.com) now uses iFollow to follow the steps.

They built a sequence of steps for departures, arrivals, and few other procedures. Each time they have a flight booked, they just have to activate the created sequence of steps for that flight in the track for that client. They then have a complete view of everything: who is assigned to each step, when is the due date for of that assignment, and which steps are completed. If something is not done, the manager of operations sees it on the dashboard in a glance and, additionally, receives an email alert.

In addition, the system allows activating the sequence of steps on a periodic basis (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.). Mangers can also add reminders for each step, attach files, and enter notes.


Since using iFollow, V1 Private Jets has not had issues with missed steps. V1 Private Jets now feels secure and confident about not missing steps in their operations. In addition, the management saves time by activating the sequence of steps (for example the pre-flight preparation includes 11 steps to be completed) in the dashboard by one click.


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