iFollow helps law firms

iFollow helps law firms to ensure that their day to day activities are timely performed. The agenda of lawyers is very strained and requires good arrangement of all their activities. They have multiple clients and for each client there are series of activities to be performed during a certain time period.


Some lawyer and other legal professional use Microsoft Outlook, Google calendar, or spreadsheets to keep track of their activities. Others use Project Management or Customer Relationship Management software to manage their relationships with clients and track their activities. The disadvantages of using those applications are the following:

  • Spreadsheets and calendars do not give holistic picture of all activities, do not allow assigning tasks to colleagues or assistants and do not permit seeing all those activities on one screen.
  • Project management software packages are cumbersome to use and unreliable for managing day-to-day operations.


iFollow helps to simplify the

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work of law firms. It allows lawyers to dynamically track day-to-day operations using a powerful and easy to use interface.


Legal cases include steps of actions to be performed. In most of the cases those are standard steps. With iFollow legal lawyers create a sequence of steps for Legal Proceedings and they activate those steps for each client with a single click. They can easily modify the sequence for each client: for example add or delete steps and change due dates, reminders, email notifications, assigned people, etc.


Using iFollow helps bankruptcy lawyers to easily arrange a sequence of steps to file a bankruptcy (for example steps to be done for Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or 13). For example, the Law offices of Eric Gravel (http://ericgravel.com) organized their sequences comprising six or nine steps and some of those steps include form fills.


The sequence of steps is activated for each client with a single click, helping lawyers to save time, reduce the workload and at the same time keeping them alert for all their activities. They seamlessly navigate through time (day, week, month, quarter, year) in a timeline-based dashboard: they can see all their activities for each client and instantly recognize the task status (done, not done or tasks to be done).

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