iFollow helps financial institutions in managing monthly reporting


Each month, a series of reports has to be done on regular basis for the upper management. Those reports comprise quality control, status and compliance information on the current situation of operations.


Each team member has to produce reports at a certain business day of the month, and those

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reports should be done every month.

For the manager it is time consuming to ensure that all reports are done timely by the team members. It also is rather annoying to have to remind the team members about their reports, do that by emails or by phone.


iFollow helps to organize the task distribution between the team members quickly and easily. Using iFollow, the manager is now aware on the status of those reports at all times. All the manager needed to do was to define the sequence of reports. The setup was simple and only took 30 minutes to complete. For these task management operations the manager created a template of sequence consisting of 11 reports. Each one has its due date and is assigned to different person(s). Once the sequence template is built, with a single click the manager activates 11 reports to be repeated every month.


If any of the due reports is not completed timely, the person responsible for that task and the manager receive instant alerts through emails.

One can easily modify each report: the name of the report, the assigned person or the due dates.


Sequence of steps saves time and is easy to use. iFollow sequences are a powerful tool for managers when they have repeated operations, which are common in the financial world. This increases the efficiency by both saving time and reducing the risk of omission. Every missed step can become a financial loss for the institution. Meanwhile, with iFollow the manger feels in control of operations, he is aware of the status of ongoing operations at all times.

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