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1. Why should I use iFollow?

iFollow creates a simple task and project monitoring system, giving you the tools to control, connect, and complete your projects. Our founder has spent his entire career optimizing business processes in a variety of industries and has used his extensive knowledge and robust skill-set to create iFollow.


2. How can iFollow help my business?

Every business has repetitive activities, jobs, tasks, and processes that need to be completed daily, monthly, or annually. When schedules slip, suppliers are late and employees aren’t able to complete their responsibilities. iFollow’s dashboard makes it easy to identify potential delays and map out company processes so employees can easily identify their tasks and due dates.


3. What types of businesses use iFollow?

iFollow is perfect for any business or industry that has repetitive routines and processes. We have clients in diverse industries from Financial Services, Accounting, and Law to electricity generating plants.


4. What systems do you integrate with?

We integrate with email, Google, and Outlook calendars. If you need a specific integration, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.


5. Do you offer consulting?

Yes. Contact the Cognitive Group at (514) 861-1212.


6. Does everyone who interacts with the project require a license?

No. Because of our connectivity through email and calendaring, you don’t need to buy a license for someone who has no need to review all of the activities. The system generates email notifications that inform participants of pending due dates, iFollow then updates task statuses based on email responses. We know cost is always an issue and this approach is a great way to minimize the seats you license.


7. Can I control who has access to the documents I upload to iFollow?

Yes. iFollow allows up to 25GB of free storage for each seat licenses. iFollow user administration functions allow you to decide how much or how little a user can see.


8. Can I customize user types?

Yes. Our administrative functions allow you to set custom security limitations by user or even by project type. For example, Sue may have access to all of the task activities for an email campaign, but she doesn’t have access to the activities associated with closing the financial books.