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Spreadsheets and Project Tracking

Spreadsheets are used in almost every business to help manage data and facilitate business decisions. While they excel (pardon my pun) at numerical analysis, they aren’t so great for business process tracking. Spreadsheets introduce errors that are invisible to the users, are difficult to collaborate with and do not scale up well.
Errors are Introduced
Many teams […]

How to get organized

Let’s face it, life is busy and it’s not likely to slow down any time soon.
A good organizational system is critical for keeping us on track, letting us know what’s coming up in the future and making sure we don’t forget anything.
Common wisdom tells us to write everything down so we won’t forget, but even […]

iFollow helps law firms

iFollow helps law firms to ensure that their day to day activities are timely performed. The agenda of lawyers is very strained and requires good arrangement of all their activities. They have multiple clients and for each client there are series of activities to be performed during a certain time period.
Some lawyer and other legal […]

Task history: track all task related activities

View all task related information in one place in a chronological order
iFollow improved the user interface of the History screen providing visibility of all task activities: deadline, delegated people, status, comments, attachments. Simply click on History and see everything in a glance. You don’t need to go back and forth through several screens to find […]

Task management software iFollow being used by V1 Private Jets

After booking the private jet for the client, brokers have to execute a series of steps to provide the required security and services. For example:

Order the catering and transportation
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Send assignments to calendar.

With a single click you can now send assignments to your Gmail or Outlook calendar.
Sync your tasks or tasks of your team with your calendar and always be aware of the tasks
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Great news!

Now you can send to iFollow any number from your smart phone (for example, the financial ratio received from the client or any measured value). iFollow will send an instant alert to the manager if there is a breach (i.e. if the value is not in compliance with the predefined values) or early warning signals […]