How to Choose a Business Process Management System

How to determine which BPM system is for you? Where can you find the BPM system?

What are the key criteria to consider when choosing a business process management system?

First, you must ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are you? Are you a manager, an analyst or an IT specialist?
  • What do you do? Are you running an operation, or are you an analyst doing modeling and optimization?
  • What type of organization do you have? A small business, a department or a large enterprise.
  • Are your processes changing rapidly?
  • Do you have training capability?


  1. If you have management responsibilities, you need a business process management system that is specialized in tracking and monitoring business processes. iFollow is the leader in the market to track business process. iFollow is extremely easy to set up and the user interface is intuitive and visual. With iFollow, managers have a feel of control
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  2. If you are an analyst and need to model and optimize business processes, you need to use Business process modeling tools. The leader in the market is vizio from Microsoft. In that market, there are other good tools such as TIBCO and Smartdraw. In fact, any good drawing tools are also ok for business process modeling.

The best of both worlds for most organization is:

  • iFollow for business process tracking
  • Vizio for business process modelling.


In fact instead of using a tools that does everything poorly, you are better off up using tools that do few things well.

If you are an IT department in a large organization, you are compelled by the contrary; you prefer to select one tool that does everything even if it is costly and complex. In that case, you could be tempted to select PegaSystem, Sappian, Oracle or Microsoft. Expect those projects to be complex, to last many months and cost above millions of dollars.

Our recommendation is to stay away from those complex systems and to focus on meeting business needs and stay away from the temptation of having one system for all your needs. Instead, use specialized tools that are light and that do few things but extremely well.

Our recommendation is:

  1. Ifollow for those who manage business process
  2. Vizio is enough for business process modeling,


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