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There are numerous project tracking software services, but there is only one created by world-renowned human factors and human computer interaction industry expert Francois Aubin.


iFollow is the materialization of Francois Aubin’s profound knowledge, decades of research, and detailed analysis of process simplification.


Francois holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Masters of Science in Human Computer Interaction from the l’École Polytechnique of Montreal. He has spent more than two decades observing human factors and discovering methods that achieve unprecedented process simplification. His remarkable solutions are practical and actionable because they are based on observations of real people in real situations, rather than on theoretical reasoning.


As a former Senior Advisor at CRIM (Computer Research Institute of Montreal) and the Founder of Cognitive Group, Francois has been showing the world’s leading companies that it is possible to prevent human errors and significantly reduce decision times without massive investments in dollars or technology.


Francois developed a cognitive engineering discipline, known as The Cognitive Approach, which has been proven to significantly increase user acceptance of IT solutions and yield dramatic efficiency benefits while shortening development time-to-market by as much as 50%.


Francois led the Hydro Quebec initiative, a study that demonstrated that the use of the cognitive ergonomics approach yielded significant benefits, such as the redesign of complex systems, with amazing results. The approach reduced human errors, streamlined processes, and decreased the amount of time it took to access information. This approach to redesign presented a tremendous opportunity to achieve similar results across an entire enterprise or organization, which led Francois to develop iFollow.


As President of Cognitive Group, he has designed and delivered solutions for many clients, including Royal Bank of Canada, National Bank of Canada, Laurentian Bank, Desjardins Group, Montrusco Bolton, FBN, Pacific Gas & Electricity (PG&E), Shaw Group, Hydro-Quebec and Gas Metropolitain, Amazon, V1Jet, Lipso, GlobalMedic, PlanetMedica, Cedrom SNI, Pixel Systems, Alis Technology. Francois is also member of Usability Professional association and ACM SIGCHI.


About ifollow


Work gets busy. And when you add multiple tasks and coordinating with other people into the mix – things go from busy to chaotic. Sure, spreadsheets, calendars, and to-do lists can help, but they’re far from efficient and they leave a lot of room for error.


iFollow was developed using advanced human factors methodologies to help people like you reduce the time and workload associated with everyday processes. The smart software solution fuses cognitive ergonomics with business analysis and usability, creating a simplified, yet sophisticated product that gets the job done. Easily track email alerts, interactions, project statuses, timelines, and create sequence templates to streamline processes. With iFollow, you can say goodbye to outdated tracking methods and hello to an easier, more efficient tracking solution