About us


Cognitive Group (www.cognitivegroup.com) is the creator of the software iFollow. We have major account (client) in financial industries, including the biggest companies that are our clients.


Cognitive Group was founded in 1995. The company specializes in user experience and cognitive ergonomics. Over the years Cognitive Group has been involved in helping companies in the financial and energy industries by designing real-time monitoring solutions for them.

Hundreds of field studies carried out by Cognitive Group over the years yielded the same conclusion: there is an important need for real-time tracking of operations which has not yet been met by the range of software available to managers. Management in large companies typically use financial software or CRM, which are not designed for the dynamic task of real-time tracking of operations. Cognitive Group set the goal of providing a solution to this problem by developing a tool designed to optimize the effectiveness of real-time operational tracking.

In the beginning of the 2000s we decided to package our solutions for the web; this constituted the first release of iFollow. It was aimed at the real-time tracking of operations in financial industries, mainly for loan portfolio operations. Afterwards Cognitive Group had a contract with Hydro QC, incorporating real-time monitoring within the solutions for energy management. More recently we have been asked to apply our operations tracking system for jet charter companies, event management companies, and environmental companies.


Thus, we have repackaged the previously built solutions in a new release of iFollow. The latter provides a real-time dashboard, which is a breakthrough in operation management. We also designed iFollow to be self served, so that it doesn’t require IT involvement. The users can configure the software to their needs, define form fills, and define all alerts they need to receive.


Real-time tracking of business operations and getting a full and quick picture about status of operations is becoming prevalent in business management. Managers need to have visibility of the business process to ensure that all their operations are performed timely and correctly, and that nothing falls between the cracks. Our specialty is increasing efficiency and preventing errors.


Cognitive Group is a leader in the field of tracking business operations due to its vast experience in consulting and packaging iFollow both at the level of usefulness (i.e. match for the business) and usability (ease of use).


Domains of application of iFollow

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are: financial industry, security, health care, pharmaceutical industry, aerospace, energy, events management (e.g. conference, concerts, wedding, etc.). Several companies within these fields have already started using iFollow.