Task Management for business

iFollow is a simple, real time and efficient project tracking software that will save you time and optimize each step of your everyday processes.

With iFollow, you can effortlessly control and track multiple project statuses, create dashboards, generate or receive email and calendar alerts, collaborate with multiple parties, store relevant documents, review timelines, use existing templates or create your own – and a whole lot more to discover!






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Tasks on real time dashboard: see tasks and status at a glance

Monitor Business Processes

In one glance, see the current status of each operation (completed, should be done, past due), due date, who is assigned to it, and much more.

Track and see compliance with defined numbers


Define and track Key Performance Indicators (KPI) such as financial values, quality parameters, etc. which you want to comply with and track.

Task status is updated and alerts are received through emails

Email Integration

Send assignments, reminders, attachments, comments, and alerts by email. Hence no employee training is needed: they simply use their email to interact with iFollow. See Email Integration

Save time creating sequence of tasks

Workflow Management

You need to create a Sequence of Steps assigned task to different people with their own deadlines. You have repeated sequence of operations on a periodic basis (every month, quarter, etc.).

Create task list using custom forms

Forms Builder

Create data input forms that are highly customized for a particular operation. Predefine a custom template for the data you want your employees collect and track it fast and easy.

Collaborative task management

Online Collaboration

Members of each team share in real time due date, status, comments, and attachments. All information related to each operation is available to everybody in real time.